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We are very proud that our core team is committed to our firm for many years. It is this commitment that allows us to consistently provide high-quality work. Take a look behind the scenes and get to know the leaders of GCES Engineering Services, LLC.




GCES Engineering Services, LLC. (GCES) was recently established in 2012 to provide geotechnical engineering, construction quality control and related engineering services to architects, engineers, contractors, owners and governmental agencies in South Florida. Designing and building public and private facilities necessitates a creative approach to engineering. At GCES, our experienced team of professionals work together to develop solutions - solutions that respond to our clients' needs while consistently meeting budget time constraints. 



Our objective is to work with the design team and contractor as an integral part of the design and construction process so that the most efficient project is delivered. This approach drives the GCES organization to deliver high-quality work, practical and cost effective solutions.


If you are interested in a partnership, we would be pleased to set up a meeting with you in our offices. Just contact us!


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